Welcome to the Helotes Ag Booster Club, home of the Helotes 4-H

We are a volunteer organization

The Helotes 4-H Booster Club was founded in 1982 to support the programs and activities of the 4-H club for the Helotes area of Bexar County.  By 1985 it became apparent that a dedicated facility was needed for our 4-H children as the club had increased in size and the number of projects available for the youth. 

It was in August of 1985 that we held our first Annual 4-H "Fun Nite" and from the proceeds of this event the organization paid for the land and a large portion of our current Helotes 4-H Activity Center.  These funds, with the hard work and dedication of the membership and a grant from the Meadows Foundation, allowed our group to work to achieve our first big dream, "A Home for the Helotes 4-H". This became a reality in 1995 when our 11th annual Fun-Nite was held in our own building.

The support of the 4-H programs continued through the years as the Helotes 4-H multiplied to 2 clubs to provide more leadership opportunities for the kids. In 2014, due to continued growth, a third club was added. A need for an outdoor area next to the building became apparent and in 2005 with dedicated fundraising along with a grant from the Kronkosky Foundataion a 3,000 square foot covered patio was added for the children to utilize for their projects.

Our organization changed its name in 2008 to the Helotes Ag Booster Club and in 2010 we started our "next big dream".

Because of the growth in the Helotes and Northwest San Antonio area it changed from an outlying farming community to a vibrant growing suburb of San Antonio. The Ag Booster Club recognized these changes and wanted to continue to provide the area youth with the ability to experience the wonders and learning opportunities provided by an agricultural-related lifestyle and nature. Through the stewardship of the organization along with a steadfast commitment to the children, in 2010 we were able to acquire a sizable interest in a 60-acre tract of land in Medina County along the Medina River. Our vision for this property is to provide a nearby place where our kids and others are able to participate in projects relating to livestock, crop sciences, horticulture, environment, nature conservation, water conservation, entomology, and star-gazing. Our vision includes providing facilities for water sports, sports fishing, livestock management, and shooting sports, along with cabins and a family-friendly gathering area for overnight and weekend retreats.

With the continued support of the community we are working to achieve the dream of the "Helotes Ag Booster Youth Ranch". Please join us in achieving our dreams for the future youth of this organization.

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